Company Philosophy

SEMARE strongly believes that People are key to any organization. This is the corner stone of our company philosophy. People are the essence of our work.

Each individual is unique and every organization has its own culture and goals. Matching the two to win is the biggest challenge in Executive Search, talent development and coaching.

Recruitment is not only about finding the right person for the right job, often recruiters forgot that it’s about best fit of person within a business culture, dynamic and or environment.

The art of finding the right person with the key skills that can be further developed to assist in driving your business forward is key to growing any business, it encourages loyalty, drives commitment and is ultimately far less expensive than continually recruiting for different levels within an organization.

SEMARE is not about the short term profit instead we are more about the long term success.

A recent article about a horse highlights that talents can often remain hidden. It takes the right person to unleash and reveal the hidden capacity within. “This horse was not well built, he actually did not have the physical abilities to become a true record setting show jumper. However, this horse truly believed he was a “superhorse”. His mental strength and willingness to learn was non-comparable and he achieved more than any top full bread champions out there.”

The analogy can easily be made with people and SEMARE can help talents and organizations reach their inner strength to achieve the best possible results in life.